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An Icebreaker’s Point of View

As a member of the Icebreakers, the student tour guides, in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. I am a sophomore and my major is Communications here at Youngstown State. I find it amazing that I excel in my studies and have an excellent work ethic, but I still find time to manage my own dance team in my spare time. I am not alone in this busy schedule; however, I feel I am able to do all of this simply because I aim to always be a few steps ahead of my priorities. I want to explain how the EARLY SOAR Program here at YSU helped me to do just that.

I had it all together and this was all planned out my senior year of high school! O.K. maybe not; however, my ideas were already in place. I knew I wanted to excel in my studies, have a steady pay check, and manage a dance team; I just really needed some insight on how I could go about completing these goals efficiently. My biggest fear was allowing myself to focus on one or two of the goals or letting one outweigh the other. My initial thought was that I would have to focus on school, maybe get a job, and let dance go altogether; however, once I received the Early SOAR packet in the mail and read about the program, I knew it was my ticket to completing my goals and completing them efficiently.

I almost remember it like it was yesterday. The overall orientation was amazing. The scenery was very classy and attractive, the keynote speakers were quick and effective, the abundance of resources was covered in detail, there were multiple activities, and the mobility throughout the program kept it very interesting. It was all very intriguing; however, what captured my attention the most about the program was that it allowed me to schedule my classes much earlier than I intended; moreover, it informed me of the variety of job opportunities, and I was able to ask questions about how the university supported those who involve themselves in extracurricular activities.

Scheduling my classes early allowed me to chart out my availability, and ask about employment that suited that availability. I was also fortunate enough to have a small amount of time allotted for developing my dance team, and with the many resources that I knew were available; completing my goals was less of a struggle. I am still excelling in my studies, I am employed, and my dance team has really grown. It is completely safe to say that the Early SOAR Program is not just another tour of the school, not just something to do, but a foundation for success throughout college, and ticket for those students who want to stay ahead of their priorities. It is truly effective and suits each individual student in their own way.



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Student Life

Are you interested in recreational sports, music, art, student government, planning parties, learning about Harry Potter, sororities or fraternities, science, leadership, engineering, medical fields, ROTC, religion, volunteering to help others, politics, research, education, equestrian, fencing, cup stacking, gaming, history, studying abroad, poetry, empowering women, diversity, fashion, business, unity, or zombies?  If you answered yes to any of these topics, there is a place for you here at Youngstown State University.  Although, I didn’t list them all there are over a 160 organizations on campus to encourage students to get involved and make the most of their college experience. 

Student life is important on a college campus.  It is pretty much the essence of the university or college.  For instance, most students, not all, would rather do almost anything then study.  So many people around campus went ahead and created plenty of activities and groups to help students really make these the best years of their lives.  Some of the organizations and activities can be educational, but we won’t tell the students that. Shhhhh. 

Although there are plenty of unique, wild, interesting, and fun student life activities the promotion of these groups is lacking.  I have chatted with current and recently graduated students from Youngstown State University and brought up some of the organizations and student life activities that are on campus, most of students had no idea some of them existed.  Here at Youngstown State, they offer so much when it comes to student life, but a lot goes unnoticed.  Hopefully this will quickly change so that students get an opportunity to enhance their educational experience and most importantly have fun! 

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Making better decisions on-line

Each year many admission officers get together and compare notes of some of the crazy things that we have seen during our visits to high school programs, college fairs, and during on-campus visits. One of the growing topics of the conversation is how high school students can be perceived by their online presence.

Youngstown State University is not in the practice of checking students’ social media profile to determine whether a student is acceptable into the university; however we are in the practice of educating young adults to make better decisions when they create an account and while they are posting on Facebook,Twitter, YouTube and blogs like this one.

So here are some helpful hints to better protect your identity and reputation:

  • Email Address
    If your email address is a little inappropriate (i.e. dirtydevil@yahoo or heartbreaker@gmail) consider obtaining a new one that is more professionally acceptable by colleges and the corporate world. Perhaps an initial and birthday combination type of email address. By doing this you will know which email accounts to go into for social events and which one to access for your professional communications.
  • Keep Things Private
    Make your accounts as private as the security will allow. This includes determining who you friends are. Remember every post that you make, every photo you upload is live as soon as you click submit. Make sure you keep things open only to those who you want to see them. Also only encourage your friends to do the same.
  • Keep Your Friends Close
    Only allow people you know to follow you on Twitter or be your friend on Facebook. I always make an effort to try and eliminate people that I have not heard from in a while from my accounts. Please remember that social media is not a competition to see who is more popular.

There are many other concerns about online privacy, however these are the ones that most admissions professionals see most often and make the most sense to do.